BirdDog Studio

The BirdDog Studio is a great device for converting SDI or HDMI sources to NDI®. It works great with mimoLive, for example to capture presentation slides from a speaker's laptop. The latest firmware also allows you to play NDI content out over HDMI or SDI, so you can use the BirdDog to show the mimoLive Program out on a studio monitor.

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Meteorologist John Marshall Now Answers Questions Live

Monitoring and answering comments is the holy grail of growing and engaging your audience. Meterologist John Marshall uses the updated Facebook Comments feature of mimoLive 4.3 for just that: Interacting with his viewers. Although his trusted old MacBook Pro has trouble processing the green screen in full HD at full frame rate and could use an update to a more recent model, what's important to John is that he can be on air at a moment's notice with the vital information that could save someone's life.